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What is Total Quality Management?

Total Quality Management, or TQM, is a way for businesses to make sure everything they do is top-notch and that they always aim for the best quality. It’s like having everyone in the company work together to make things better all the time.

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Here’s how Lean works:

Number 1 - Customer Focus:

First, you think about what your customers really want and need. If you’re making toys, you want to make sure the toys are safe and fun.

Number 2 - Continuous Improvement:

Everyone in the company keeps looking for ways to make things better, no matter how small the change. It’s about never being satisfied with “good enough.”

Number 3 - Eliminate Waste:

Then, you find and remove anything that doesn’t add value. Maybe you notice that chefs spend a lot of time walking back and forth to get ingredients. You can change the kitchen layout to make things more efficient.

Number 4 - Process Approach:

You look at how things are done step-by-step to make sure each part of the process is as good as it can be. This helps you find and fix problems early.


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Number 5 - Integrated System:

All the different parts of the company work together towards common goals. It’s like making sure all the gears in a machine fit together perfectly.

Number 6 - Decision-Making Based on Facts:

Finally, you keep looking for ways to improve. You never stop trying to make things better.

Number 7 - Decision-Making Based on Facts:

Good communication helps everyone understand the goals and how they can help achieve them. It keeps everyone on the same page.


With TQM, businesses aim to improve their products, services, and the way they work all the time. This leads to happier customers, more efficient work, and better overall results.

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